Gas shut-off valve a SAFETY device to know about!

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Make sure the property you have or are planning to purchase has a seismic natural gas shut-off valve installed.  This is a device installed on the property’s gas piping that automatically shuts off the gas service when an earthquake of 5.4+ magnitude or greater occurs. This is a requirement for any commercial or residential building containing fuel gas piping. The main reason for having an earthquake shut-off valve is safety! Installing one can protect your property from both seismic activity and earthquakes. The cost of this valve price is based on the size of the existing gas pipes and the location of the gas. The price range may be between  $300 to $450. It is also important to know when it is off.  In most cases when the pipe is running parallel to the line, it's on; when the pipe is perpendicular to the valve, it's off. I strongly suggest you know the location of your gas shutoff valve especially because they are usually hidden or covered by other items in the house. sally properties with natural gas have the main shutoff valve close to the gas meter and it is usually a rectangular nob.  There are many companies that can inspect and handle this for you. You can look under the Retrofitting companies or even your gas company. The real estate contract will mention this city requirement too so make sure your real estate agent is aware of this and that you as a buyer also learn the basics about this safety device.