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It is always a great idea to purchase a home warranty when you are buying or selling a home. A home warranty not only offers peace of mind, but also saves you money on unexpected expensive bills. Usually, the seller pays for the first year of the home warranty and the only fee for the buyer is the visit services that should not exceed a $100. It is important that you know what kind of plan you are obtaining when purchasing a home warranty, however, most appliances and major systemsare covered under the basic plan.

Remember the home warranty covers system and appliances in good working conditions at the start of coverage. If you are selling the house it is also a good idea to purchase a home warranty because having it will offer protection against costly repairs while the property is listed for sale. If after the house is sold and there is another call for repair the services fee will be paid by the new owner.

If you need any recommendation on the best home warranty companies and the best plan for you feel free to give me a call Carmenza Adams 310-800-8221.